Richard Lahuis

I'm an independent photographer specialising in black & white portraits.
My work focuses on creating projects that explore humanity.

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Valid Values

Watch an interview about my latest project, Valid Values.

Valid Values is an ongoing project about the politically motivated prosecution of journalist Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is charged by the US government for publishing evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses. He faces a 175 year sentence. This is not just an attack on journalism, it's an attack on the future of democracy.

The values of governments that start wars by lies and grant impunity for war crimes, corruption and human rights violations are evident. They disdain truth, transparency and the rule of law.

In a democracy the media are expected to monitor, investigate and report on government misconduct to give the public a balanced view. When it becomes a crime to publish truthful information in the public interest, that balance is gone.

In response to and as a result of the grave injustice done to Assange, Valid Values explores the values of people who resist this imbalance, including some of Assange's family members, close friends and supporters.

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