used to pray - grinner

blink and you miss something. join ‘the rector’ and dive into this 6 chapter extravaganza weirdness.

mei bij mij

in may 2017, over 20 days, egbert hovenkamp II performed herman gorter's 'mei'. in this short documentary i follow him during this performance. the images show how the search of hovenkamp II culminates in the discovery that ‘mei’ has similarities with his own life.


heavy - meadowlake

filmed in switzerland. the video reflects the topic and mood of the song. intimate and expressive. the calm snow and the wild water. change of seasons. moving up from a low.

hot punch - meadowlake

filmed in the shopping district of hamburg. the urgency of the song fits the moving people and their shadows. everybody is just trying not to disappear.


stripped bare structures - meadowlake

filmed in the house i was living in at that time. we turned the living room into a set where picasso and ragnar kjartansson meet.
go here to see the making of.

nova - meadowlake

this video finds the main character wandering in an apocalyptic landscape where all you have left is the past. is there a future if no one sees you? what do we choose to see? what makes you visible?


there’s a fire rising - meadowlake

by the time the sheets reveal the band were wrapped inside their own lyrics it’s clear the same lyrics will set them free from what was holding them back.

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