I am a photographer and visual designer based in Hamburg.

As a photographer I solely work with analog cameras. I am specialized in black&white portraits. Through a photograph I try to uncover a characteristic which is not visible at first, such as emotion, environment and way of life. The photos have a conscious layering.

As a visual designer I produce low budget music videos and (short) documentaries, design artwork for music productions and make screen projections for live music shows. for the music videos I usually write the script and I always do the filming and editing. The documentaries focus on the work and life of creatives.

+49 179 4274641

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Exhibitions and events

May 12 2018
Premiere MEI BIJ MIJ 
Kunstplaza Schurer - Assen (nl)
A short documentary about the performance bij Egbert Hovenkamp II
Rent or buy the documentary here:

October - December 2017
Buiten Binnen Drenthe
De Rooij - Assen (nl)
Portraits of Dutch artists

April 2017
Buiten Binnen Drenthe
Podium Zuidhaege - Assen (nl)
portraits of Dutch artists

February 5 - March 24 2017
Buiten Binnen Drenthe 
Library Hoogeveen (nl)
Portraits of Dutch artists

November 7 - December 1 2016
Buiten Binnen Drenthe 
MFA Schakelveld - Assen (nl)
Portraits of Dutch artists

October - December 2016
Library Hoogeveen (nl)
Portraits for the Kinderboekenweek

February 28 - March 27 2016
Buiten Binnen Drenthe
SMAHK - Assen (nl)
Portraits of Dutch artists
And curator of side-exhibition with work from portrayed artists

November 2013
Europa in/zicht
Jonge Harten Festival - Groningen (nl)
2 Works from the europa in/zicht series for the group exhibition